Produce Now Available!

When opening a new business there is a bit of Murphy’s Law that likes to get you. Murphy has been extra busy for us when it comes to our produce section AND the electrical system in our hundred-year old building. Our specialized cooler took twice as long to be constructed as was promised, and three times as long to be delivered, then it was dropped off at our door without warning and no way to get it into the building. After lots of people, equipment and improvising at its finest, we got it into place just to discover that it was incompatible with our electrical system. UGH! It took way longer than expected, but our electrician assures us that it will be up and running today–just in time for our large produce order arriving tomorrow (Saturday, the 12th)! It’s almost comical the series of events that took place just to offer lettuce, but that just comes with the territory of a historical building.

So thank you for your patience community of Hope/East Hope. We now have produce! Lettuce, cabbage, salad, salad dressings, celery, apples, pears, carrots, etc. etc. (this includes local produce, like Moose Meadows Farm). Finally you will not need to run all the way into town for your perishables!

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