Closed Sundays

Have you ever had to make a decision which makes no sense financially and is not a popular decision, but you just know it’s the right thing to do anyway?? Well, we are making a decision like that. Effective immediately we will no longer be open on Sundays (at least for the foreseeable future).

We’ve given Sundays our best shot with our limited staff, no Sunday baker, and reduced hours to accommodate stretched schedules–but it is just not working. Our family and our staff are stretched too thin, and since we are not able to provide all the awesome service and baked goods we provide on the other days, our customers are not happy either. While we truly understand why having the store and cafe open on Sunday would benefit the community, it’s time for us to be honest with ourselves. We are a small, family business. We have limited staff, and they all work SO hard to provide great customer service to our customers–so we owe them a Sabbath. A day to be with their families, recharge and rejuvenate to face the next coming week with a smile.

We at Davis Grocery are SO grateful to our amazing community and customers for their patience and understanding while we go through our growing pains of our first year. We are working hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t and how to provide our community with the best quality at the most affordable prices. There truly is no place like Hope!

Warmest thanks,

Jamie & Ross Davis and the DGM team

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