Covid-19 Precautions

Dear Hope Community & Customers,
This is some crazy, unprecedented times we are living in. The global pandemic known as coronavirus or covid-19 has all of the U.S. changing procedures and policies on a daily basis as the CDC, WHO and our state and national governments try to stay on top of the virus and how it spreads. Many states are closing school districts and even closing restaurants and bars, while asking people to self-isolate. This has caused quite the panic in grocery stores with people stocking up–especially on toilet paper, which is odd because covid-19 does not affect the digestive system. Anyway, it is getting harder to get groceries, and more and more important to limit our exposure to crowds.

That being said, we have not yet in our area been asked to close, so we are staying open. However, we will be following the recommendations of the CDC and making some changes, including beefing up our sanitizing ritual of the store. While it is ok to hang out over coffee, lunch, etc, in the cafe, we ask that people do not linger for too long or congregate in big groups. While we normally love to have people spend time in community and fellowship at the store, it is recommended by the CDC that social contacts be reduced as much as possible. 

Taco Wednesday is still on at this time, but that could be subject to change if the local government requests it. We do offer them to-go, so keep that in mind.

St Patrick’s Day 3rd Tuesday of the Month Trivia has been canceled

During this crisis, we are offering grocery boxes and pre-orders. We place our distributor order on Tuesday, for delivery on Friday, so if you would like to pre-order your groceries so that you have it ready for you and boxed up on Friday, please call today (monday) or Tuesday morning at the latest. We will continue to offer this every week until the covid-19 threat has passed.  

We are not equipped yet to provide online shopping, HOWEVER, you can call or email us your grocery order and pre-pay, then come pick up your box of groceries if you would like to avoid shopping in the store. You can call us at 208-264-0539 or email us at We ask that you be patient with us for this service, as this process is not yet streamlined and we are trying to adapt to the global changes as fast as possible.

Stay safe and above all stay calm. Avoid large crowds, wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and continue to monitor the CDC’s website for updates:

We will get through this safely as a community!


DGM Team
Davis Grocery & Mercantile

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