Grocery-Apocalypse…But There’s Good News, Too.

Good New, Bad News, and a Lot of Figuring it Out as we Go. When this pandemic hit, we wanted to help our customers by helping them to buy in bulk and just add on to our distributor order on Tuesdays. Little did we know then that the Grocery-apocalpyse was on its way. Did the world or even the United States run out of products? NO. But did Americans panic and buy products en masse and create a supply chain bottleneck blocking the ability for distributors to GET the products to the stores? YES. This means that stores have had to buy in greater quantity than ever before, and the distributors (God bless the truckers, sales reps and distribution centers for their HARD work and countless hours this week) cannot meet the demand. That’s why all the stores, even Walmart and big chain stores, looks like a warzone of empty shelves.
Big chain stores in cities are funneling out the bulk of supplies. Typically when we place our weekly orders, there is a 97% fill rate (meaning the distributor is able to provide most of what we order). Currently it is at an epic 33%(!!!) fill rate, meaning we are placing the order, but the trucks are depleted by the time they get here and only a fraction of our order is there. Ross and I have always been hard workers, but this might be the hardest we have ever worked. We are tracking down distributors from all over the Northwest, thinking outside the box, and even braving stores in CDA and Spokane ourselves to try to keep at least the essentials in stock. 

But please do not panic. The products EXIST and will get here, this grocery-apocalypse will end as the suppliers renavigate demand trends and supply routes. There is enough in our bountiful country, so please, avoid the urge to hoard or panic.

That being said, though, we cannot take the large pre-orders. You can still order online what we HAVE online but we cannot, for the time being anyway, purchase anything in bulk or special order–because whether it shows up or not has been taken entirely out of our control. 

Now some GOOD news: we have produce, canned foods, milk, eggs, pasta, soup, paper towels (no toilet paper, unless you want industrial rolls, which is all they had), snack foods, drinks, water, frozen food, beer and wine, plus toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, over the counter medicines, razors, shampoo, etc etc. Can you buy them in bulk? No. But we have enough to keep your family fed, and each week more will come. 

Every Friday we have FREE sack lunches available. Put together by the Pack River Store and supplied by donations from this amazing greater community. Good exists in the world and it can be found right here in Bonner County!!
Lunches include PB&J sandwich, cookie, carrots, apple, banana, chips and milk. We have them out on the deck, so you don’t even need to come in or break social distancing. Available to ALL.

We now have online ordering! Click here

*Please be aware that the online ordering system is far from perfect. It does not track inventory in real time and orders can only be placed during operating hours 9am-6pm Mon-Sat.

Thank you for your patience as we try to navigate this new world/pandemic. We are committed to keeping our community safe and fed and will continue to work hard to improve our online technology and our customer service and supply chain. We will get through this together!

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